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SmartBoxTM Technology is here

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SmartBoxTM Technology

For the first time in the history of industrial dust collectors, a system has been developed that dramatically changes how hazardous waste-dust and contaminated filters are handled.


The use of a BlueSky® dust collector with a SmartBox™ module, ensures that the collected hazardous dust and filters never pose a threat to service personnel or the workplace environment. This is especially important when the captured dust contains asbestos, silica, hexavalent chromium, active metals, compounds, radioactive contamination, or bio-waste.

The SmartBox™ module contains the captured dust and filters. It is never serviced or opened at the work site—it's removed as a sealed unit (think inkjet cartridge).

A SmartBox™ module exchange can be accomplished safely in less than 10 minutes and requires no special procedures, PPE or personnel monitoring.

Silica Dust
Toxic Metals
Nuclear Contamination
Powdered Dry Chemicals
Hexavalent Chromium Dust

Think Risk Management

For business owners who think that the handling of waste-dust is a mere “pain in the neck”, it’s time to re-evaluate. The handling of hazardous dust and filters can pose a serious risk for a business—dust affects the health of employees and tightening environmental laws can invite potential legal action.


Primary and Secondary (HEPA) Filtration

A BlueSky® machine configured for hazardous waste is equipped with first stage primary filters (Merv 14/15), and second stage HEPA filters. The HEPA filtration removes >99.97% (with reference to 0.3μm particles). Such filtering standards are considered suitable for return air into a facility e.g. for energy efficient climate control.

The video shows the filter change-out process of a CONVENTIONAL dust collector. It is a cumbersome and messy job. In most instances it is done while standing on a ladder or on a manlift.

Spillage resulting from filter change-outs can pose a serious threat to workers present, and can contaminate the equipment and the local environment. Subsequent cleanup sweeping will exacerbate the problem and for some dust-types sweeping is illegal.

A BlueSky® dust collector works differently. Contrary to a conventional dust collector, the dirty part of a BlueSky® dust collector (Smart Box™ module) is NOT opened—all dust and filters are safely sealed inside. The hazardous dust-waste and filters are NEVER seen or touched.


The video above shows a BlueSky® SmartBox™ module exchange . This is accomplished safely in less than 10 minutes and requires no special procedures, PPE or personnel monitoring.

ATTENTION: The video shows a BlueSky dust collector in its smallest configuration.

A SmartBox™ module has the dust-capacity of five regular drums