A revolution in industrial dust collecting

BlueSky has developed a system that dramatically changes how hazardous dust and contaminated filters are handled

Silica Dust
Toxic Metals
Nuclear Contamination
Powdered Dry Chemicals
Hexavalent Chromium Dust

The use of a BlueSky® dust collector with a SmartBox™ module ensures that the collected hazardous dust and filters never pose a threat to service personnel or the workplace. This is especially important when the captured dust contains asbestos, silica, active metals, hexavalent chromium, compounds, radioactive contamination or bio-waste.

The SmartBox™ module contains both the captured dust and filters. It is never serviced or opened at the work site—it's removed as a sealed unit (think inkjet cartridge).

A SmartBox™ module is exchanged safely in 30 minutes or less,  no special procedures, PPE or personnel monitoring required.


The filter change-out of a conventional dust collector is cumbersome and messy

It's done while standing on a ladder or man-lift. Spillage resulting from the filter change-out can pose a serious threat to service personnel and other people working in the area. It can contaminate equipment and the local workplace environment.

SmartBox features

  • Each SmartBox™ module has the dust-capacity of five regular fifty-gallon drums.
  • Each SmartBox module has the weight capacity of 2 tons US (4000 lbs)
  • The full SmartBox is lifted out of the dust collector with a forklift and transported to a waste management facility.
  • The SmartBox is always sealed— during operation, removal, and handling. There is never any dust-exposure to anyone, ever.

Think Risk Management

Business owners who think that taking care of waste-of dust is a mere “pain in the neck”, should think again. The handling of hazardous dust and filters poses serious risks. Servicing a dust collector can negatively affect the health of employees. That, and the ever-tightening environmental laws, encourages lawsuits. BlueSky® dust collection systems offer protection.


SmartBox module exchange

Done in 30 minutes or less. Requires no special procedures or PPE.

industrial-dust-collector expanded

A BlueSky® dust collector can accomodate one, two, or more SmartBoxes

The BlueSky® dust collection system is truly modular and plug & play. Sections can be added and modules can be dropped in at any time. Your dust collector grows as your need for capacity grows. This on-demand-capacity feature of a BlueSky dust collector results in substantial energy savings.