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Introducing a new way to dry out wet buildings

The environmental remediation solution BlueSky offers is the drying out of buildings while at the same time removing air-borne contaminants such as mold spores and other pollutants. Restoration after flooding, or water damage resulting from other events, often causes mold to start forming quickly. The drying-out process should start immediately.

Clean through HEPA filtration

The BlueSky Remediator™ can extract moist contaminated air from any building or structure. It cleans the air through HEPA filtration, dehumidifies the air and heats it up to approximately 160°F (71°C) before returning it back into the building.



Dry through hot air circulation

Through the process of continuous air circulation, the building is dried out, mold spores and other biological contaminants are filtered out and future mold growth is prevented.

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About the BlueSky RemediatorTM

Instead of the common solution of employing multiple small machines inside a wet building, BlueSky takes a broad, whole-building, approach.

A BlueSky Remediator™ is ducted into a building and starts circulating hot dry air through it, while at the same time using the built-in HEPA filtration to catch contaminants such as mold spores before it returns air back into the building.

This process is faster, more efficient and more cost-effective than the way it's usually done. The BlueSky remediation system is especially suitable for larger buildings such as schools, shopping centers, and other commercial buildings. Fast and effective.

lead dust remediation

"First I reinvented the industrial dust collector and introduced a new concept in dust collecting. Now I furthered the reinvention by introducing a powerful new way of drying out damp or wet buildings. Combining the functions of HEPA filtration, dehumidification, and heating on a large portable scale is what makes the BlueSky Remediator™ the perfect solution for any mold remediation or water mitigation job. Some projects need brute force— and drying out a large space is one of them."

Dr. Michael W. Seitz

CEO, Founder


About Us

BlueSky® Global LLC is currently the only company in the world that manufactures and distributes patented* Industrial dust-collection systems equipped with SmartBox®  Technology.

Because of the worldwide trend of tightening environmental laws, this patented* solution has been hailed as the most practical and cost-effective on the market today.
*includes Europe, China, India and other countries

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