Why not rent the best mobile dust collector?

BlueSky offers industrial dust collector rentals from 1,000CFM up to 60,000CFM and up to 10 yards of dust collecting capacity (between clean-outs). Perfect dust collector for all applications.

  • An integrated HEPA filtration module is available for all units.
  • HEPA option is ideal for hexavalent chrome, asbestos, lead,
    biological contaminants & other hazardous dust & fume

Based on your specific air cleaning needs we'll customize a solution over the phone or by email. Call: (+1) 832 510 1140

Industrial dust collector rental

Because every industrial dust collector rental unit is tailored to your specific needs, you always get the most cost-effective solution.

Dropped off, and ready

After your dust collector is moved into place, and ducting, power, and compressed air is connected, you're good to go.

Filter changes are done by us, free of charge

The actual filter change-out is done at our facility. At your facility we simply replace the existing SmartBox with a SmartBox that has new filters already installed. This means a lot less downtime, because most of the work is done elsewhere. Also, there's no local personnel involvement required. This all ads up to huge cost savings for the client.

*Client pays for costs associated with new filters, all labor is on us.




Using a BlueSky® industrial dust collector rental with SmartBox® Technology, means dust and filters are never seen or touched during machine-use. It protects workers from dust inhalation and keeps the area around the dust collector clean at all times.

Always the right size dust collector

Our dust collectors are modular and sectional. The modules sit inside sections that are interconnected to form a BlueSky® dust collector, configured to your capacity and functionality requirements (with HEPA filtration or without).

No dust disposal required, no filter changes, and no machine clean-up

BlueSky is a full-service dust collector rental company. We organize the delivery and pick up of your dust collector rental unit. We also organize the disposal of the collected dust & filters, and do the paperwork.


An estimated 26%–53% of COPD can be attributed to occupational exposures

National surveys have shown that exposure to dust, grain dust, organic dust, inorganic dust, fumes, hydrogen sulfide, diesel exhaust, environmental tobacco smoke, and chemicals increases the risk for COPD morbidity and mortality. — CDC (Centers for Disease Control)


Industrial dust collector rental, for Houston TX, United States and Canada

No clean-up, no filter or dust disposal

Other dust collector rental companies obligate you to bring back their rented dust collector thoroughly cleaned and with the filters removed. Not us. When the project is done, we pick up our dust collector, collected dust, dirty filters and all.

Risk management and cost-control

Think of the things that can go wrong operating a traditional mobile dust collector, auger getting stuck in caked dust, hoses that rip etc. With a BlueSky® dust collector rental, there's none of that. You run the dust collector until the project is done, and then simply call to have it picked up. Saves money, controls risk.

Dust collector rental, safe and simple

Using a BlueSky® dust collector rental with SmartBox® Technology, means dust and filters are never seen or touched during machine use. It protects workers from dust inhalation and keeps the area around the dust collector clean at all times.

Mobile dust collector rentals Houston TX, Gulf Coast area

Call: (+1) 281 682 6796— United States
(+420) 777 821 020 — Europe
(+57) 312 344 7024 — South America
(+27) 832 667 453 — Africa

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Why buy a dust collector, when you can rent one long-term? BlueSky offers attractive rental options for fixed installations

Long term dust collector rental

BlueSky® dust collector, permanent installation

What sets a BlueSky® dust collector apart from all others (one of the many things), is that a BlueSky® dust collector can be used as a mobile dust collector, as well as a fixed-installation dust collector. Nothing changes, same machine.


Safety and simplicity, SmartBox® Technology

BlueSky's main claim to fame is the SmartBox. It is flatout the most important developement in dust collector technology of the last fifty years. This sealed container houses both the filters and collected dust. Safety guaranteed. No OSHA approved personnel needed.


BlueSky home base Houston TX, Gulf Coast

Although we are headquartered in Houston, our dust collector rental facility is located in Tomball TX.
Please call (+1) 281 682 6796 to let us know how we can be of service.

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The Client said: this is Genius Technology. They were thrilled we had the machine running so quickly

- Thomas Devaty

Great team and an amazing product!!!

- Jeff Solomon

Less exposure = less risk!

- Michael J. Nielsen, CSP

About Us

BlueSky® Global LLC is currently the only company in the world that manufactures and distributes patented* Industrial dust-collection systems equipped with SmartBox®  Technology.

Because of the worldwide trend of tightening environmental laws, this patented* solution has been hailed as the most practical and cost-effective on the market today.
*includes Europe, China, India and other countries

For all inquiries, use contact form or call:

(+1) 281 682 6796 — United States
(+420) 777 821 020 — Europe
(+57) 312 344 7024 — South America
(+27) 832 667 453 — Africa

(+1) 281 682 6796 — John Burton

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