A coronavirus air filtration system based on technology used in aircraft cabins.

The BlueSky® Defender is a ducted, coronavirus (COVID-19) HEPA air filtration system that generates twelve to fifteen whole-room air-exchanges per hour.

It creates a top-to-bottom laminar airflow that quickly removes the aerosols emitted by people present.

BlueSky Air Safety Zone - case study at Valeo plant

BlueSky Air Safety Zones, powered by a BlueSky Defender™ are clean-air "islands" for large & small indoor spaces Learn More  ➜



Coronavirus air filtration system that greatly reduces COVID-19 spreading risk in indoor spaces

Deploying a BlueSky® Defender coronavirus air filtration system* in public places to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) makes sense. For drug stores, schools, supermarkets, government facilities, and other places that need to stay open to the public. BlueSky® Defender air filtration systems* are designed to handle up to 25,000 SCFM of contaminated air per machine.

*Patent pending


Introducing the new BlueSky® Defender 50

The BlueSky® Defender50 is suitable for interior spaces of up to 6000 SFT. In that configuration, it can do the recommended twelve whole-room air-exchanges per hour.

What sets BlueSky® Defender air filtration systems apart from other air filtration systems that target coronavirus? The BlueSky® Defenderfiltration system is a ducted system, similar to what's used in aircraft cabins and hospital operating rooms. It creates a top-to-bottom laminar airflow that has proven to be very effective in removing potentially deadly aerosols from any interior space.

The physical placement for a BlueSky® Defender air filtration machine can be interior or exterior.

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The BlueSky® Defender line-up

BlueSky® Defender™ coronavirus air filtration machines come in four standard sizes.

Defender 10        up to     1200 ft²* (110 m²) service area**

Defender 25        up to     3000 ft²* (280 m²) service area**

Defender 50        up to      6000 ft²* (560 m²) service area**

Defender 100      up to   12000 ft²* (1120 m²) service area**

*12 room changes an hour
**It is assumed the average ceiling height is 10 feet (3 m)

>12000 ft² (1120 m²) use multiple Defender units

Which model works best in any given space is dependent on the size of the interior space being serviced and how many air-changes are required. For high-occupancy areas or vulnerable locations, 12 room air-changes per hour is recommended.

The physical placement for a BlueSky® Defender air filtration machine can be interior or exterior.


The BlueSky® Defender™ air filtration system creates a top-to-bottom laminar airflow. Aerosols emited by people present are moved down immediately after leaving a persons nose or mouth, not giving them a chance to linger

Computer-generated model of aerosol behavior without BlueSky® Defender™ protection


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Ducted coronavirus air filtration system

There are many different air-cleaning machines, air filtration systems, and air purifiers on the market. Some use ultraviolet light, others use electrostatic filters. Most air filtration systems and purifiers rely on a combination of these technologies

What these in-room machines have in common is they are stand-alone in-room machines that are not ducted. They don't create a laminar downflow of clean air.

All these technologies clean air through the principle of dilution. Being in a space with such a machine means breathing in air that is always partially contaminated.

Air exchange through laminar downflow

The BlueSky® Defender coronavirus air filtration system creates a top-to-bottom laminar airflow that constantly removes aerosols emitted by people present in an indoor space. HEPA-filtered and UVC disinfected, air moves down continuously from vents above, while potentially contaminated air is sucked down-and-out through vents below, preventing aerosols from lingering and spreading. 

Safe, no-touch, filter change-out module

A significant benefit of the BlueSky® Defender is that, unlike all other machines, the used (contaminated) filters in a BlueSky® machine are never touched by local service personnel. They are safely sealed inside the SmartBox® module.

The BlueSky® SmartBox® system eliminates the risks associated with the handling of contaminated filters

The patented BlueSky® SmartBox® is an integral part of the BlueSky® Defender coronavirus air filtration machine. All other HEPA air filtration systems (coronavirus-specific, or otherwise), require manual handling of potentially contaminated filters. 

HEPA air filtration system

About Us

BlueSky® Global LLC is the only company in the world that manufactures and distributes patented* coronavirus air filtration systems equipped with SmartBox®  Technology.

Because of the ongoing coronavirus (COVID19) threat, this patented* solution has been hailed as the most effective method to mitigate coronavirus spread in indoor spaces.
*includes Europe, China, India and other countries

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