A coronavirus air filtration system based on technology used in aircraft cabins.

The BlueSky® Defender is a ducted, coronavirus (COVID-19) HEPA air filtration system that generates twelve to fifteen whole-room air-exchanges per hour.

It creates a top-to-bottom laminar airflow that quickly removes the aerosols emitted by people present.

Coronavirus air filtration system that greatly reduces COVID-19 spreading risk in indoor spaces

Deploying a BlueSky® Defender coronavirus air filtration system* in public places to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) makes sense. For drug stores, schools, supermarkets, government facilities, and other places that need to stay open to the public. BlueSky® Defender air filtration systems* are designed to handle up to 25,000 SCFM of contaminated air per machine.

*Patent pending


Introducing the new BlueSky® Defender 50

The BlueSky® Defender50 is suitable for interior spaces of up to 6000 SFT. In that configuration, it can do the recommended twelve whole-room air-exchanges per hour.

What sets BlueSky® Defender air filtration systems apart from other air filtration systems that target coronavirus? The BlueSky® Defenderfiltration system is a ducted system, similar to what's used in aircraft cabins and hospital operating rooms. It creates a top-to-bottom laminar airflow that has proven to be very effective in removing potentially deadly aerosols from any interior space.

The physical placement for a BlueSky® Defender air filtration machine can be interior or exterior.

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The BlueSky® Defender line-up

BlueSky® Defender™ coronavirus air filtration machines come in four standard sizes.

Defender 10        up to     1200 ft²* (110 m²) service area**

Defender 25        up to     3000 ft²* (280 m²) service area**

Defender 50        up to      6000 ft²* (560 m²) service area**

Defender 100      up to   12000 ft²* (1120 m²) service area**

*12 room changes an hour
**It is assumed the average ceiling height is 10 feet (3 m)

>12000 ft² (1120 m²) use multiple Defender units

Which model works best in any given space is dependent on the size of the interior space being serviced and how many air-changes are required. For high-occupancy areas or vulnerable locations, 12 room air-changes per hour is recommended.

The physical placement for a BlueSky® Defender air filtration machine can be interior or exterior.


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Ducted coronavirus air filtration system

There are many different air-cleaning machines, air filtration systems, and air purifiers on the market. Some use ultraviolet light, others use electrostatic filters. Most air filtration systems and purifiers rely on a combination of these technologies

What these in-room machines have in common is they are stand-alone in-room machines that are not ducted. They don't create a laminar downflow of clean air.

All these technologies clean air through the principle of dilution. Being in a space with such a machine means breathing in air that is always partially contaminated.

Air exchange through laminar downflow

The BlueSky® Defender coronavirus air filtration system creates a top-to-bottom laminar airflow that constantly removes aerosols emitted by people present in an indoor space. HEPA-filtered and UVC disinfected, air moves down continuously from vents above, while potentially contaminated air is sucked down-and-out through vents below, preventing aerosols from lingering and spreading. 

Safe, no-touch, filter change-out module

A significant benefit of the BlueSky® Defender is that, unlike all other machines, the used (contaminated) filters in a BlueSky® machine are never touched by local service personnel. They are safely sealed inside the SmartBox® module.

The BlueSky® SmartBox® system eliminates the risks associated with the handling of contaminated filters

The patented BlueSky® SmartBox® is an integral part of the BlueSky® Defender coronavirus air filtration machine. All other HEPA air filtration systems (coronavirus-specific, or otherwise), require manual handling of potentially contaminated filters. 

HEPA air filtration system

The BlueSky® Defender™ air filtration system creates a top-to-bottom laminar airflow. Aerosols emited by people present are moved down immediately after leaving a persons nose or mouth, not giving them a chance to linger

Computer-generated model of aerosol behavior without BlueSky® Defender™ protection

Two different coronavirus protection strategies.


Stand-alone in-room air filtration machines cause horizontal air currents that move contaminated air from person to person before it's is sucked out

A BlueSky® Defender™ filtration system generates a vertical laminar air flow (similar to how it's done in aircraft cabins) that moves the coronavirus out

Optional UV-C light disinfection

In addition to utilizing HEPA filtration to catch coronavirus (COVID-19) and other pathogens, the BlueSky® Defender™ air cleaning systems can also be equipped with, optional, high output UV-C lamps* (one per filter cartridge) that sterilize the filter fabric continuously.

Ultraviolet (UV) light is produced by the sun and by special lamps. There are three types of UV light—UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVC light has the most energy of the three types. This energy destroys the genetic material inside viruses and other microbes. Therefore, UVC light is used for disinfection. UVC lamps are commonly used to sanitize water, objects such as laboratory equipment, and spaces such as buses and airplanes.

*Integration protected by BlueSky Patent Application #63/025,295

Coronavirus (COVID-19) protection for dental clinics

The BlueSky® system creates a safe 'whole-office'
work environment for patients, doctors, and staff

In a dentist chair, doctor and patient may feel vulnerable for obvious reasons. For patients, wearing a mask during a dental procedure is not an option, therefore installing a sophisticated downflow system similar to what is used in hospital operating rooms makes sense. 


Ducting layout in a dental clinic where a BlueSky® Defender air filtration system was installed

The blue ducts push down the clean HEPA filtered air. Potentially contaminated air is sucked out via vents in the purple ducting near the floor—from where it is then pumped through the BlueSky® Defender™ air filtration machine to be de-contaminated.

About Us

BlueSky® Global LLC is the only company in the world that manufactures and distributes patented* coronavirus air filtration systems equipped with SmartBox®  Technology.

Because of the ongoing coronavirus (COVID19) threat, this patented* solution has been hailed as the most effective method to mitigate coronavirus spread in indoor spaces.
*includes Europe, China, India and other countries

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