A HEPA dust collector can
legally return cleaned air
back into the workplace

    The Advantages?

  1. Greatly improved air quality
  2. Substancial savings on heating and cooling costs
  3. No permits are required because a BlueSky dust collector, set up to return cleaned air, does not interact with the outside

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A HEPA Dust Collector with an Integrated Disposal System

Up to 60,000 SCFM Airflow Rate & 6 Tons of Dust Capture Capacity

Industrial Hepa dust collector

Industrial HEPA Dust Collector

"Clean air is just the beginning. HEPA filtrated air for the workplace is such a no-brainer. The right thing to do for the environment and for worker's health, but economically, it's the only thing to do.


Heating & Cooling Cost Savings

Cost savings are great. However, even more important is risk management. A Hepa dust collector helps you stay ahead of the ever-tightening laws and regulations that govern indoor air quality.


No Permit Requirements

An overlooked benefit of installing a HEPA enabled dust collector that returns cleaned air back into the workplace is that there is no permit requirement (no interaction with the outside)."

— Michael Seitz, CEO BlueSky Global

Should a $4.69 billion verdict in a baby powder case worry you?

Read this important Linkedin article on how the lawyers are getting involved in workplace air quality.

A HEPA dust collector can...

legally return cleaned air back into the workplace. When a HEPA dust collector is set up to do that, no permits are required. Furthermore, cost savings on heating and cooling are substantial.

However not all HEPA dust collectors are created equal. A BlueSky dust collector outfitted with a HEPA filtration module is different because it's an integrated dual-stage HEPA filtration system. It operates under negative pressure.

Others may offer non-integrated HEPA filtration, on the outside of the machine, the high-pressure side, which is inefficient and unsafe. Swapping out regular filters for Hepa rated filters doesn’t work. HEPA filters cannot be used as primary filters, it will destroy them.

Greatly Improved Air Quality
Heating and Cooling Cost Savings
No Permit Requirements

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