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Industrial dust collector power plant
Dust collector power plant

Case Study—grit blasting and metallization at a power plant

Power plant maintenance outage

The maintenance outage at this power plant involved grit blasting and metallization of large sections of the water wall tubes. Significant quantities of dust containing hexavalent chrome [Cr(VI)] are typical with such advanced coatings, so dust capture is a requirement. A BlueSky dust collector is uniquely suited for complex project work like this. 

BlueSky® Dust Collectors can handle a large variety of dust and fume because BlueSky® industrial dust collectors can be customized to fit almost every situation. And, depending on the scope of the project, several BlueSky® dust collectors can work in unison to get the job done.

Compact low-profile design

Because of its unique low-to-the-ground design, a BlueSky® dust collector can get into places where others can't, especially in spaces where height is an issue. This was the case at this particular power plant. 

Another advantage of its compact low-to-the-ground design is that it makes duct-installation so much easier.  All the ducting connections to a BlueSky® dust collector can be made from the ground—without the use of ladders or scaffolding.




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BlueSky® Global LLC is currently the only company in the world that manufactures and distributes patented* Industrial dust-collection systems equipped with SmartBox™ Technology.

Because of the worldwide trend of tightening environmental laws, this patented* solution has been hailed as the most practical and cost-effective on the market today.
*includes Europe and China

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